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‘Record success’ K League, ticket revenue exceeds 30 billion won for the first time in history

The 2023 season professional soccer K-League has achieved the highest admission revenue record since it began official counting.According to the Korea Professional Football League on the 4th, the total admission revenue for K League 1 and 2 in the 2023 season is 34,426,890,100 won.This is the highest figure since counting began in 2013.It was an increase of approximately 74.72% from the previous record of 2019 season (approximately 19.7 billion won).Compared to the 2022 season (about 16 billion won), it more than doubled.The total admission revenue of K League 1 is 30,769,640,710 won.

By club, FC Seoul recorded the most, at 6,310,946,400 won.Ulsan HD (KRW 4,247,681,010), Suwon Samsung (KRW 3,556,041,000), and Jeonbuk Hyundai (KRW 3,349,758,120) followed.K League 2’s admission revenue was calculated to be 3,651,048,300 won.FC Anyang (702,103,200 won), Jeonnam Dragons (441,385,280 won), and Busan I-Park (385,913,500 won) are in that order.The federation cited record-breaking box office success and rising ticket prices as the main reasons for the increase in admission revenue.The total audience for the 2023 season across the first and second divisions was calculated to be 3,011,509.The era of ‘3 million spectators’ in one season has begun.Last season’s record figure was also reached in terms of ticket price, which refers to the admission revenue per spectator.The average ticket price for the 12 teams in K 카지노사이트킹 League 1 in the 2023 season is 11,980 won, the highest record since counting began in 2013.


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