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KIA Tigers have added another right-handed pitcher

The KIA Tigers have added another right-handed pitcher to their roster.

On the 18th, KIA signed foreign pitcher James Naile (Utuuta, 1993) for a total of $950,000, including a $200,000 signing bonus, $350,000 in annual salary, $150,000 in incentives, and $250,000 in transfer fees.

A native of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA, James Nail is a right-handed pitcher with a height of 193 centimeters and a weight of 83 kilograms who has played two seasons in the major leagues and six seasons in the minor leagues (Triple-A).

In the majors, he went 17-1 with a 7.40 ERA and one save, 바카라사이트 and in the minors, he was 27-17 with a 4.15 ERA and three saves in 155 games (35 starts).

Last season, he appeared in 10 games for the St. Louis Cardinals, posting an 8.80 ERA with no losses, and in 31 minor league games (three starts), he was 5-3 with a 3.66 ERA, three saves, and five holds.

James Nail’s strength is his velocity, and he has allowed fewer walks throughout his career.

His fastball averaged 149 mph in the minors last season, with a high of 153 mph. His curveball is particularly powerful and his sinker has good movement, so he has a high ability to induce ground balls.

KIA President Shim Jae-hak said, “James Nail is currently on the 40-man major league roster. We decided to sign him because he has played a lot of games as a starting pitcher in college and the minor leagues and has a variety of pitches, 토토사이트 추천 so he has enough competitiveness. We look forward to working together with our domestic starters and hope that he will adapt well to the KBO and become an integral part of our starting staff.”

This completes KIA’s roster of foreign players for this season.


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