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A full email from the owner of Man Utd, staff are shocked!

What was it about? The owner sends emails like this?

It’s been reported that employees at English Premier League (EPL) club Manchester United were shocked to receive an email from new owner Jim Ratcliffe. What was in the email that shocked them?

Ratcliffe, an Englishman, has been at the forefront of rebuilding the club. After becoming co-owner of the club, he started a project to revive the club. Ratcliffe promised to make the club competitive and capable of winning again. He also made another important promise. He vowed to improve the club’s outdated infrastructure. 

United’s infrastructure, including their home stadium, Old Trafford, and Carrington training center, is old and outdated. The former United legend even pointed out during Cristiano Ronaldo’s second spell at the club that the club’s “dilapidated state of affairs is widening the gap between them and their EPL rivals”. In response, Ratcliffe has pledged to improve the club’s infrastructure, and he’s getting started. The first step in the new stadium project was the creation of the EZ Task Force. 

Ratcliffe is very interested in the club’s infrastructure and facilities. That’s why he sent an email to United employees. The staff were shocked because they couldn’t believe it was coming from the owner. It seemed too small to be from the 스포츠토토 owner of the club. Ratcliffe allegedly sent an email to United employees saying that “the stadium and training grounds are too dirty” – in other words, to clean them up. 

“Ratcliffe sent the entire email to United staff,” the UK’s The Sun reported. It criticized the lack of cleanliness around the club’s facilities. Ratcliffe visited United’s facilities and was shocked by the lack of cleanliness. In particular, Ratcliffe’s email noted that the locker rooms of the club’s U-18 and U-21 teams were not clean,” the report said. 

“United’s standards were lower than Ratcliffe had expected,” the publication continued. Some United staff members were shocked by Ratcliffe’s emails, and some insisted that improvements were needed.”

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