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‘Adventure by Accident’ to return with new season, spin-off

Posters for all three seasons of 'Adventure by Accident' / Courtesy of MBC

MBC’s hit travel show “Adventure by Accident” has been renewed for a new season and will be returning with Season 4 and a spin-off, the broadcaster said Monday.

“A spin-off program for ‘Adventure by Accident’ and its fourth season are scheduled to be developed, produced consecutively and broadcast later on,” MBC said in a release.

Since its debut in December 2022, the reality show has been tracking the adventures of webtoon creator Kian84 and his companions as they embark on impromptu journeys across various countries. In its inaugural season, Kian84, accompanied by his actor friend Lee Si-eon and travel YouTuber Pani Bottle, ventured on a 10-day excursion through Peru and Bolivia.

The second season invited Kian84 and Pani Bottle on a journey around India with additional cast member, TV personality Dex. The latest season, which aired earlier this year, brought together all four cast members to explore Madagascar.

The show’s producer, Kim Ji-woo, offered a glimpse of the upcoming shows.

“The spin-off program will add a spoonful of ‘Kian84’s new challenge’ to his travel with friends,” he said through the broadcaster.

“And, with ‘Adventure by Accident 4,’ we are trying our best and are preparing to reach out once again to the fans who have loved our series. We ask for your continued interest and anticipation.”

Since its premiere, the show quickly gained popularity due to its cast members’ down-to-earth approach and authentic portrayal of their travels, which involved exploring unfamiliar corners of the world and immersing themselves in the lives of locals. Their adventures included visits to local colleges and gyms, providing viewers with a genuine glimpse into the culture and daily lives of the places they visited.

Last year, the show achieved remarkable success at the broadcaster’s year-end Entertainment Awards, securing a total of seven trophies, notably including Variety Show of the Year. Additionally, Kian84 received the highest honor of the Grand Prize at the ceremony, further solidifying the show’s acclaim and recognition within the industry.

This year, the show continued its winning streak by adding two more prestigious accolades to its collection. It was honored with the Producer of the Year award at the Korean Producers and Directors Association (KPDA) annual award ceremony, as well as the Best TV Entertainment Program award at the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Upon receiving the award at the KPDA ceremony, the producer hinted at the series’ return, disclosing that the production team is targeting a return for the series in the second half of this year.

“There will be things that change and others that remain the same, but I believe the heart of ‘Adventure by Accident’ is about being open-minded and 안전 having the spirit for the challenge. Our aim is to approach our work with the same adventurous mindset, ensuring that the heart of the series remains true to its roots,” the producer said.

The broadcaster has indicated that updates and news regarding the upcoming shows will be communicated through its official YouTube channel, Adventure by Accident Base Camp.


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