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Son Heung-min’s release theory: Top class without physical problems

Rumors of Son Heung-min being released, Tottenham fans ignored: No problem with stamina, top class for 2-3 more years

Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham Hotspur) is not being treated as a legend. Although Son has consistently been a top-class player at Tottenham, rumors have been raised that Son will be released after signing a one-year contract extension. However, in the U.K., Son’s performance is not expected to be dampened in the future, and fans of Tottenham Hotspur said he would like to see Son play more.

The Tottenham fan forum ‘Hotspur HQ’ said on the 3rd (Korea time), “Son Heung-min has come up with a result as Tottenham captain. He is old in his 30s, but he will perform well over the next two to three years. Son Heung-min is an important scorer as a Tottenham veteran and an asset for the team. He has no physical problems or injuries in particular. Tottenham fans want to continue to see Son perform. Son Heung-min is helping the team with his consistent points of attack.”

Since joining Tottenham in 2015, Son has consistently performed at the top of the list except for his debut season. He has grown steeply since the 2016-17 season, but he has filled the void left by Harry Kane to become a key player. He went beyond the Premier League as a top European player with his “DESK” line and contributed greatly to advancing to the UEFA Champions League for the first time in the club’s history.

He played a top-class role as the core of Tottenham’s golden generation, and since then, he has silently maintained his team even in the dark ages. While falling into a slump with Tottenham, the leading players in the UEFA Champions League, including Christian Eriksen, left the team. Chairman Daniel Levy brought in winning contractors such as Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte to aim for the trophy, but failed one after another.

In Tottenham’s golden generation, only Son Heung-min remains.

Last summer, even Harry Kane, his last legacy, left for Bayern Munich. He wanted to win the title at Tottenham, but decided he couldn’t do it anymore, and joined the UEFA Champions League competition. In the golden generation of Tottenham, only Son Heung-min and Ben Davies remained, and Son was the only one among them in the “DESK” line.

Levy decided to recover his “Tottenham DNA” and took the helm of Premier League novice coach Engie Postecoglou. Son Heung-min continued the 2023-24 season with his captain’s armband on his arm under Enzi Postecoglou. He gave Hisharlisson a chance in the beginning, but he was not satisfied and eventually pulled out his “nail” to continue the season, making a position change, but he built up offensive points by racing on the pitch with his young and dynamic teammates.

Tottenham made a splash by leading the Premier League in a surprise move. However, they failed to display perfect performance as key players including Mickey van der Ben and James Maddison suffered injuries one after another. Son criticized the unstable team at important moments, but failed to advance to the UEFA Champions League, and had to settle for the Europa League next season by ranking fifth in the Premier League.

However, Son was still in the top class given his performance. He scored 10 goals and 10 assists for the fourth time in his career in the Premier League, matching Didier Drogba and others. He became the Premier League’s Player of the Month award winner four times in September, tying legendary Premier League strikers Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry. He ranked fifth (159 goals) in Tottenham’s history in the match against West Ham and scored his 120th Premier League goal in the match against Liverpool, tying with Steven Gerrard.

He could leave the team at the end of this season

He has been active in Tottenham for nine years, but time has passed without end. The renewal of his contract signed in 2021 will end in 2025. If there was no extension or renewal, he could leave the team after this season.

Locally, they put weight on invoking a one-year extension option. Following the community report of the global sports media “토토사이트” “Football Insider” reported, “Based on what we have learned, Tottenham is expected to activate Son Heung-min’s one-year contract extension option.”

If the option of one-year extension is applied, Son will play until 2026. However, there is no guarantee of his future at Tottenham after 2026. “Football Insider will have the option to persuade Son to sell him or sign a longer contract with Tottenham for a huge transfer fee similar to what he did with Harry Kane last summer,” said the magazine.

Tottenham was indeed a team legend, but they were concerned about an aging curve that could be broken at any time. “If Son is sold to a Saudi Arabian team, he can earn huge transfer fee,” said Keith Wynes, former chairman of Premier League team Everton. If Son is transferred to a Saudi Arabian team, he can earn up to 100 million pounds (174.7 billion won). Korea and Saudi Arabia recently signed a trade agreement. “Sometimes external factors play a big role in the soccer community.”

Son Heung-min tries to focus only by looking ahead.

It’s not that he didn’t propose a Saudi Arabian team. “The Saudi Arabian team offered Son a total of 30 million euros (44.4 billion won) in annual salary for four years,” the global sports media ESPN reported two years ago. “Ki once said that (Ki) Sung-yong will not claim the position of captain of the Republic of Korea over the rumor of his transfer to China,” Son said on the rumor of his transfer to Saudi Arabia. “Me too,” Son said. “I still like the Premier League and I think I have a lot of work to do,” but that is unknown.

For now, Son is trying to focus only on the future, whether it’s a one-year extension or a long-term contract renewal. Asked about his future at Tottenham, Son said, “I will do what I have to do as a player rather than pay attention to the contract period. There is no conversation between him and his team at the moment, but he is in an uncomfortable situation due to the faulty connection and the faulty connection.”

What I wanted to achieve at Tottenham was the same title as Harry Kane, who left for Bayern Munich. In an interview with fashion magazine Bazar, he said, “I want to hold a trophy. I want to become a soccer player who can give back as much love as I have received,” expressing his affection for Tottenham.

Tottenham fans will want to see Son Heung-min perform until the end of his career.

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