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How to Play Big Six Wheel – Casino Games

This guide will teach you the basic rules, payouts, and how to play Big 6. We’ll show you where to find this popular game in land-based casinos as well as some online variants.

It is simple to play Big Six Wheel. To begin, players must obtain a ticket from the game operator. They can then proceed to the spinning wheel and take their turn once they have their ticket. The wheel will be spun and the players will wait to see where it lands. If it lands on their number, they are awarded the prize associated with that number.

The prizes in Big Six Wheel can differ depending on where you play the game. However, in general, the higher the number landed, the larger the prize. A jackpot prize may be awarded in some cases to the player who spins the wheel and lands on the highest number.

On Big Six, you have only seven betting options. You can place your bets on any of the five numbered or colored spaces, as well as the wild/joker symbols. Bets are typically limited to $100 per individual space and $500 total.

You bet on dollar bills in the most popular American version of the game. These bills represent your payout, so betting on a $1 bill results in a 1:1 payout, a $2 bill results in a 2:1 payout, and so on. Some versions of the game substitute numbers, colors, or other symbols for the bills.

After you’ve placed your wager, the wheel will spin and reveal the outcome. If you bet on the winning symbol, you will receive a payout based on the game’s paytable.

Big 6, or some variation of the classic wheel spinning game, can be found in nearly every casino in the country. From opulent mega resorts to the local tribal casino two counties away, they all have one version or another of Big Six.

Atlantic City is the best place to play Big Six because the logo spaces pay 45 to 1 rather than 40 to 1 under the ubiquitous Las Vegas rules. That small change reduces the house edge significantly.

Aside from various regional adjustments to the wheel space arrangement, an alternate name will follow the rules outlined above.

While the rules of the game may appear complicated, even a little confusing at first, the odds begin to even out as you progress. Big Six is a simple game once you’ve mastered it. And here are three simple steps to get you started.

Buying into the Game – Big Six operates similarly to any other table game in that players must purchase chips with cash. However, the chip dominance differs from that of, say, blackjack or baccarat. The game is reasonably priced, with buy-ins as low as $1 per round.

Placing Bets – Each position on the wheel is denoted by its corresponding value, which ranges from $1 to $20. For example, players could wager $1 on a $5 payout. If they are successful, each player receives $5 at the end of the round. You can also place multiple bets at the same time.

Wait for the Results – Once all bets have been placed, the dealer spins the wheel. You win if the pointer lands on your chosen bet. Using the previous example as a guide, the dealer awards $5 in chips if the pointer lands on your chosen bet.


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