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Amar’e Stoudemire arrested in Miami on battery charge after allegedly punching daughter

Amar’est Stoudemire, the former NBA star who retired from American basketball in 2016, was arrested Saturday in Miami after graduating from the University of Miami.

According to the Miami Herald, Stoudemire was arrested after 10 p.m. in his Miami apartment and charged with domestic violence after allegedly beating and beating one of his daughters so hard that he drew blood.

Alexis told the police that she came to pick up her daughter and two sons after receiving a text and a photo of her daughter asking for help. She also received a text from Stoudemire, who told police that he had texted Alexis to get her daughter back “because she was sad,” and she “was sad because she had been hit hard by her for being disrespectful and a liar”.

The police, who had been called home after receiving a report of a custody dispute, saw blood on the girl’s clothes when they arrived.

“I observed blood stains on the victim’s sweater and sweatpants,” states the arrest report through the Miami Herald. “The victim’s mother showed me the photo she received from her daughter, which shows the victim crying and bleeding through her face.”

According to CBS Miami, Stoudemire has two daughters, 17 and 14. It wasn’t clear which daughter was involved in the incident.

He took it to Instagram to deny the charges, saying, “In the last 24 hours, an incident at my family’s house led me to be charged with assault on my daughter. It’s a statement based on a report that doesn’t match the facts. I am of the Jewish faith, today the Jewish people of the world celebrate Hanukkah and hear the story of how we fought evil. I believe what’s hateful to you, don’t do to others. As the investigation proceeds, the facts will show that the allegations are groundless, since my daughter’s health is not the result of being attacked by a father who is about seven feet tall and weighs 250 pounds. I’ve never seen myself assault anyone, especially my children. I respect, protect and love my family, especially my children. As a father, I ask for your grace while we secure our space and our privacy.”

Stoudemire was last played in the NBA in 2016. He was most recently a player development assistant for the 2020 Brooklyn Nets until the end of the 2021-2022 season.

The alleged incident occurred hours after Stoudemire said on Instagram that he had received a master’s degree from the University of Miami.


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