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Chris Ford, a three-time champion with the Boston Celtics, dies at age 74

Ford, the 12th. October 1979 made history, became the head coach of the NBA after his game day.

Former Boston Celtics player and head coach Chris Ford died at the age of 74, the team announced Wednesday. Ford played for the Celtics from 1978 to 1982 and won a title with the team in 1981. Before playing in Boston, he spent six seasons with the Detroit Pistons… …who took him from Villanova in the second round of the 1972 NBA draft. Ford is known for the first three points in NBA history on the 12th. October 1979.

After his playing time, Ford was the head coach of the Celtics (1990-1995), Milwaukee Bucks (1996-1998), Los Angeles Clippers (1999-2000), and Philadelphia 76ers (2004).

The Ford family said in a statement:

“The Ford family is sad to announce a death de Chris, January 17, 2023. Chris foy amado pela his family, amigos e colleagues de team. He had a great love for his family, for the city of Boston, for the fans, for the Celtics. He always showed humility and respect for all those que had a sort of part of his life.”

A Ford passed almost four of his 10 NBA seasons a joker para os Celtics, a prepare-se para a francia da epoch 1978-79 até a campaign 1981-82. He helped Boston win their 12th NBA title in 1981.

O product Villanova also jogou para o’ pistons de detroit atéa 1972-73 até ser transacionado para o Celtics no beginning there atéa 1978-79 em troca do earl tatum.

Ford started his career as a coaching com assistant by i Celtics in 1983 and won other titles con la francigia com assistant in 1984 and 1986. Subsequently, he took over la carica di capofila, serving in the roleo from the 1990-91 season to the 1994-95 campaign, carrying the I C ai playoff quattro volte.

Ford has also dedicated tempo training to Milwaukee Bucks from 1996 to 1998 and Los Angeles Clippers from 1998 to 2000. In addition, in the period 2003-2004, he saw the tempo come capofila ad interim through the 76ers of Philadelphia.

In 10 seasons come capofila, Ford went 323-376 and 13-16 in the playoffs. His term of office, Celtics, was il Migliore della his career, in what he led la Francigia a and record di 222-188 in five seasons.


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