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KIA Eui-ri Lee “I want to erase the nickname of ‘perverted with ten bases'”

KIA Eui-ri Lee “I want to erase the nickname ‘pervert with bases loaded'”When you become full base inprofessional baseball, you definitely think that the batter who entered the plate has an advantage.
However, some say that KIA’s left-handers Young-gun and Eui-ri Lee deliberately created a crisis with a full base and took it as an opportunity.

Lee Eui-ri took a break from the 2nd team due to sluggish performance.

In the return match on the 8th, he caught 8 strikeouts in 5 innings and laid the foundation for the team’s shutout victory with no runs.

In particular, he seemed to have shaken off his anxiety by reducing his walks to two.

‘Lee Eui-ri Challenge’. It is a word that has been talked about among baseball fans, referring to Lee Eui-ri, who escapes the bases loaded crisis made by hunting for the first pitch by striking out in a row.

His batting average with bases loaded is 0 this season. This earned him the nickname ‘pervert with bases loaded’, and Lee Eui-ri would like to erase this nickname.

<Lee Eui-ri / KIA Pitcher> “I think the fans gave me that (nickname) because they were upset, but my goal is to do well so that that nickname disappears. (I usually enjoy thrills?) No. No.”

The player I want to be like is Max Scherzer, a right-handed pitcher who holds the record for most wins and most strikeouts in the major leagues in the 2010s.

<Lee Eui-ri / KIA Pitcher> “(Max Scherzer) throws from the mound is cool and bold, and I like it because he seems to do a lot of these things. I think I need that kind of play, so I watch it often.”

In Korea, Yang Hyeon-jong, the ‘luxurious left-hander’ of the same team, is a role model.

<Lee Eui-ri / KIA Pitcher> “I want to become a consistent player like senior Yang Hyeon-jong.

<Lee Eui-ri / KIA Pitcher> “First of all, the goal is to win the gold medal. I think fans will like it a lot if we show our best play until the end without being a bit vigilant.”



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