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Woori Card players confident after overcoming underdog status, aim to win 2Rs

The men’s professional volleyball team Woori Card is making waves at the start of the 2023-2024 season. Despite the departure of franchise star Na Kyung-bok to KB Insurance as a free agent, the team has won five straight games to open the season .Despite being swept in the first round by OK Financial Group, Woori Card reclaimed the league lead with a 3-1 (25-21 25-23 19-25 25-20) set win over KEPCO on the 9th.The win pushed fellow upstart Samsung Fire (14-5-1) into second place, while Korean Air (13-4-2), which is looking for its fourth consecutive overall title, finished third. None of the players who led the Woori Card to victory were starters last season. Han Sung-jeong, who was traded to Woori in May, scored 13 points (76.92 percent attack success rate) with no errors, including two service aces and one block.

Kim Ji-han, who has taken over the ace role this season, had 13 points, and Park Jun-hyuk, who started due to Park Jin-woo’s sore knee, had five points, including three blocks. After the game, the players were confident that they had overcome their underdog status. “Before the season started, other teams said that our card was weak, but I think it proves that we are a strong team,” Park said confidently, “We didn’t win the first round, but we will win the second round and run first.” “If the team wins, the label of ‘volleyball player Park Jun-hyuk’ will naturally follow,” said Park, who is known as the brother of women’s professional basketball star Park Ji-soo (Cheongju KB). “I want to perform well as a team rather than as an individual.” “I’m more confident in my offense 바카라사이트 than last year,” he said, joking that it’s a shame that setter (Han) Tae-joon doesn’t serve the ball well.


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