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Tunisia debuts at the Winter Olympics in Gangwon-do through ‘Pyeongchang Legacy’

The 2024 Gangwon Games, the first Winter Youth Olympics held in Asia, is also serving as an opportunity for countries that were distant from winter sports to take a new step forward.According to the Gangwon 2024 Organizing Committee on the 21st, Tunisia recorded its first participation in the Winter Olympics through this event.Tunisia, which has a Mediterranean climate, has participated in the Summer Olympics since the 1960 Rome Games, winning gold medals in swimming and track and field, but has never participated in the Winter Olympics.

Although it is a Youth Olympics, they got to experience the Winter Olympics as Jonatan Rurimi, Sophie Gorbal, and Beya Mokrani competed in the bobsleigh event. In order to continue the legacy of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, they were introduced to bobsleigh and participated in this competition through the winter sports athlete training project for underdeveloped and developing countries, which has been hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province, and Pyeongchang-gun since 2020 and sponsored by the Pyeongchang Memorial Foundation. .

Rurimi said, “Through this business, I happened to experience winter sports and developed a lot of interest and attachment to the sport of bobsledding. Winter sports are almost unknown in Tunisia, and I am very happy to represent Tunisia at the Winter Olympics for the first time.” revealed.Including these players, 25 athletes from 9 countries from the winter sports athlete development project in underdeveloped and developing countries will participate in this competition.The players conducted joint training in Pyeongchang last summer, and from October to December, they prepared for the Gangwon 2024 stage by participating in international competitions to secure qualifications.Among them, female bobsled athlete Kampheol Agnes (Thailand) 카지노사이트킹 is considered a medal hopeful.


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