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K League 1 Ulsan unveils 2024 season uniform with ‘Fourth’ engraved on it

Ulsan HD, which won two consecutive professional soccer K-League 1 titles for the first time in the club’s history, unveiled its 2024 season uniform with the ‘fourth star’ on the 26th. Ulsan announced that the new uniform adds freshness by adding yellow to the shoulder line and waist line on the blue background that symbolizes the club.

In addition, Ulsan, which won its fourth K-League 1 title last year, now has one more star on its emblem. The meaning was further emphasized by placing two of the four stars in a raised shape in the center. Above all, the biggest change is the elimination of the traditional striped pattern used until last season. Ulsan explained, “We create a clean charm with a design that has not been attempted before and the most ‘Ulsan-like’ color,” and added, “We will approach all age groups without burden by using the sophisticated feeling that comes from neatness.”

Ulsan, trying to maintain a neat feel, also emphasized that it used only two colors in its away uniform, sky blue and white. In addition, Ulsan is introducing not only domestic delivery but also overseas delivery service. The club announced that it will establish a system to deliver home and away uniforms to 20 countries, including Asia, North America, and Europe, through the club’s official online shopping mall. Ulsan, which released a uniform pictorial through the club’s social media channels, plans to conduct general online sales through the official 슬롯사이트 shopping mall from 7 p.m. on the 29th.


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