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National team setter is back…43-year-old veteran MB elbow injury, committed to rehabilitation

“Ahn Hye-jin needs time to adjust to the court.”

GS Caltex, coached by Cha Sang-hyun, will take on Hyundai E&C in the fifth round of the Dodram 2023-24 V-League Women’s Division on Monday at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul.

GS Caltex is in a fierce battle for third place with Chung Kwan-jang and IBK IBK. Despite a disappointing performance against Pepper Savings Bank on the 6th, the team’s relentless focus led to a reverse sweep and two valuable points.

However, even with the win, it was a disappointing result considering that Pepper Savings Bank was playing without foreigner Yasmin Bedardt (registered name Yasmin) and had been playing poorly in the midst of a 19-game losing streak.

“It’s possible to get stuck in the middle of a match,” said coach Cha Sang-hyun before the match. I know because I’ve played. I’m not trying to discourage them, but I told them that they should think about their own reflection,” said Cha.

National setter Ahn Hye-jin, who underwent surgery for a dislocated left shoulder after the end of last season, was named to the roster for the first time this season. She was named to the roster, but is not expected to play.

Coach Cha said, “I need to train to adapt to the court. I’ve been out for a long time, so I felt I needed time to adjust,” Cha said, adding, “It’s still hard for me to play. I haven’t been able to complete the team training, so I’ll have to work on getting used to the court for a while.”

The 43-year-old veteran middle blocker Jung Dae-young, who hasn’t been seen on the court since his debut against Chung Kwan-jang on March 6, is currently 토토 sidelined with an elbow injury. He was also left off the roster today.

Head coach Cha Sang-hyun said, “He is focusing on rehabilitation for his elbow injury. I spoke to him recently, and he said he still has pain. If he pushes himself too hard, it could turn into a bigger injury. For the time being, we’re going to focus on his rehabilitation.”

A busy road ahead What are the key points of the match for Cha?

“It’s important to catch Hyundai E&C, but our team’s form has dropped a lot,” Cha said. “The players who start must play their basic roles in their positions. Only then will the team run smoothly. I admit that the team’s condition has dropped, and I think the most important task is to improve it as soon as possible.” He concluded the interview by saying, “I think it’s the most important task.

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