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“Park Moo-bin is doing a good job”

Veteran Choi Jin-soo led Hyundai Mobis to victory.

The Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus won 91-79 against the Daegu KOGAS Pegasus of the 2023-2024 Korean Basketball League on Monday at Daegu Gymnasium.

Choi Jin-soo scored 14 points and grabbed five rebounds to lead 바카라사이트 Hyundai Mobis to its second straight win.

Choi said, “KOGAS has been playing well lately, and if we had lost today, it would have made it harder for us to fight for the quarterfinals, but I’m so happy we won. They’re playing so well these days that I want them to keep winning, but I’m glad it went well,” Choi said after the victory.

Choi Jin-soo scored 11 points in the first quarter alone.

“I didn’t focus on anything in particular. I think I changed my mindset when the younger players were doing well, and I thought I should do as much as I could during my playing time. It was good to shoot the ball with confidence,” he said.

Since the middle of the season, Choi has been getting more playing time.

“It’s hard for any player to have ups and downs in playing time. Basketball is also a mental game. However, I had a lot of experience and played professionally for a long time. I’ve worked on my mental game and my family is helping me. That’s why I’m getting more minutes,” he said.

“I think when you try to do as much as you can in terms of defense and activity, you get opportunities. Honestly, I think a player needs to play even a minute or a second more to gain confidence. However, since it’s a season to develop young players, I think we have to be careful with the part where the playing opportunities fluctuate, but with players like Park Moo-bin doing a good job, the team seems to be working well.”

When asked about his role as a veteran, Choi Jin-soo said, “I get angry. I say things out loud. I get angry, I say things out loud, because our captain (Ham) Ji-hoon is not the type of person who gets angry. I’m more sensitive than any other player, so I say no or no straightforwardly. It can be uncomfortable for the players on the field, but we have to work together to win. For younger players, it can be a lack of experience, and sometimes they just let it go. We talk about it honestly. I think Ji-hoon is doing a good job leading him, and I’m just there to support him.”


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