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What Gwangju interest rates would most like to see

“Above all, I want to show the team doing well. There is a perception that Gwangju Go is weak, and I want to change people’s perception by winning a lot this year.”

After traveling to Jeju, Haenam, Mokpo, and Yeosu for winter training since January, Gwangju Go is back at school. After a short but sweet break for the Lunar New Year, the team is back to training. After a short but sweet break for the Lunar New Year holidays, 현금홀덤사이트 the team will train at the school before heading back to Jeju for a final check with the university team.

Lee Yul (185 cm, G), who is expected to be a key player for this year’s team, is also focusing on improving her game before the 61st Spring National Boys and Girls Basketball Federation Championship, which kicks off on March 7th.

Gwangju High coach Seung-yeon Woo said of Lee, “She is versatile and has the strengths of a shooter. He has good talents such as dribbling, passing, shot timing, and clutch shooting. However, he has had some gaps due to injuries. This year, he’s been working out a lot and getting better. He has a lot of potential to improve, so I hope he will keep working hard,” said the coach.

“I transferred from Jeonju to Gwangju in the summer of my freshman year. I treated my bad ankle while I was suspended from playing due to transfer discipline. I was able to play in the weekend league my sophomore year. It’s fine now. My stamina has improved a lot through training,” he said of his physical condition.

As for his winter training, he was positive. “I’m gradually getting in sync with my teammates. We are winning more and more games and our performance is improving,” he said.

He also pointed out what he needs to work on. “With the way we’re playing, we want to run more fast breaks. I’m also working on my switch and rotation defense in 2-on-2s. Personally, I told my coach, ‘Be confident with your moving shots. On defense, I’m told to talk a lot and play a lot of fast breaks. I will also actively participate in offensive rebounds,” he explained.

As for his role model, he cites Ulsan Hyundai Mobis‘ Park Mubin. “We are both left-handed, and there are many things I want to learn from his playstyle, such as shooting and passing,” Lee said.

When asked what he would like to see this year, he said, “Above all, I want to see the team do well. There is a perception that Gwangju Go is weak, but I want to win a lot this year and change people’s perception. I want to do really well.” He showed his desire to win.

“Personally, I will try to improve my shooting percentage, be more aggressive on offense, and not let (people) take Gwangju Go for granted,” Lee said. We’re going to show them that we’ve changed,” he said.


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