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Even before Ryu Hyun-jin comes, he’s wary of “Hanwha atmosphere.”

Is there a way to overcome the crisis with a master who came to Lotte?

Hanwha’s gusty performance is not unusual. Hanwha suffered a complete defeat in its opening game against LG even after pitching “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin as its starting pitcher, but has since taken the lead by storm by storming seven consecutive wins.

In fact, this year’s Hanwha Eagles was considered a dark horse of the 토토사이트‘s struggle for the top five strongest teams. Hanwha, which entered the postseason in 2018 by ranking third in the regular season, has never been linked to fall baseball since then, and ranked ninth last for three consecutive years between 2020 and 2022. Considering the reality that Hanwha has been at the bottom of the standings for several years, this is a generous evaluation.

Hanwha has shown that it is changing little by little.

Hanwha had jumped into the mid-ranked league by winning eight consecutive games last year, showing that the growth of promising players and the performance of FA players are changing little by little. On top of that, the team also recruited big-fish FA player An Chi-hong after the end of the last season, while actively recruiting veterans such as Kim Kang-min and Lee Jae-won, showing that the rebuilding process has entered the completion stage. The finishing touches were Ryu’s return. As Ryu Hyun-jin, who had played in the Major League for 11 years, returned to the team, the team rapidly emerged as a candidate for the top five.

Manager Kim Tae-hyung, a master of the Lotte Giants, was also a man who predicted Hanwha’s sensation early on. When asked which team is strong this year? at the spring camp held in Guam in February, Kim replied, “KT is still strong. LG is still good and KIA is still good,” adding, “I think Hanwha will get a lot better. First of all, we will get on top of the mood.”

The ‘master’s’ gaze was accurate.

It was not surprising to hear that many considered KT, LG, and KIA as the “three strongest teams,” but it was also evident that Hanwha also mentioned it. It was even before Ryu returned to the Hanwha Eagles. The “master general’s perspective” was accurate. Hanwha has been enjoying the atmosphere by creating a sensation since the beginning of the season.

However, Lotte remains in ninth place with one win and six losses. It had only one win and two losses in three consecutive home games against NC Dinosaurs last weekend.

The problem is that Hanwha is Lotte’s next opponent. Lotte will play three consecutive games against the Hanwha Eagles at Hanwha Life Insurance Park in Daejeon from Friday. For Lotte, which has faced a “crisis” since the beginning of the season, it will inevitably feel uncomfortable to meet with Hanwha, which has been leading the league alone.

Does “Master” have a way to defeat the gusty Hanwha.

If Lotte gets a head start from the beginning of the three consecutive games, the aftermath could continue throughout the three consecutive games, and hence the team should make every effort. Most of all, Lotte had only one game in which it scored the first goal in seven games this year. As the Hanwha Eagles is displaying strong starting pitchers, it is very difficult for Lotte to gain a head start. For now, it is urgent to score points from the beginning of the game somehow. Does the “master general” have any strategy to defeat the gusty Hanwha Eagles.


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