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LG Electronics taps into India with digital board product

A teacher at a high school in the Indian state of Odisha utilizes LG Electronics’ LG CreateBoard digital board in the classroom. LG said Thursday that it supplied over 10,000 digital boards to more than 2,900 public high schools in Odisha during the past three years until 2023. Courtesy of LG Electronics

LG Electronics is capitalizing on India’s rapidly growing business-to-business (B2B) educational technology market by actively supplying its digital boards there, the company said Thursday.India has been expanding its digital education infrastructure under its Digital India Policy initiated in 2015. Market researcher Omdia said the supply of digital boards in India has been increasing by an average annual growth of 80 percent over the past five years.LG said it supplied around 10,000 LG CreateBoard digital boards to about 2,900 public high schools in the Indian state of Odisha over the past three years until last year.Pramath Nath Dey, a principal of a public high school in Odisha, said, “We are using LG Electronics’ digital board to increase the efficiency of students’ learning as well as to conduct high-level classes with various digital content.”The company introduced its CreateBoard which allows users to easily switch between different modes such as board and video with simple operations on the screen and provides various educational templates such as diagrams and charts.

The large-size touchscreen supports up to 40 multi-touch points and can share files to any device connected to the LG CreateBoard Share app to improve efficiency and facilitate communication between teachers and students.Now in its 27th year in India, LG has established a complete local business structure including sales, production and R&D. In line with the strategy, LG has been accelerating its efforts to penetrate the Indian B2B market by visiting customers in major regions with digital boards and introducing the actual use and advantages of LG’s products.According to market research firm Statista, the educational technology market in India is expected to grow to $10.4 billion by 2025 from $2.8 billion in 2020.“We will penetrate the rapidly growing B2B educational technology market in India with LG’s own education solutions,” said Jeon Hong-ju, 온라인카지노 managing director of LG Electronics India.


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