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‘The 8 Show’ director highlights differences from ‘Squid Game’

Netflix's new original series “The 8 Show' released on May 17. Courtesy of Netflix

The plot of Netflix’s new original series “The 8 Show,” about cash-strapped people trapped to play a game for a large sum of money after accepting a mysterious invite, may sound similar to that of the streaming service’s smash hit title “Squid Game.”Director Han Jae-rim / Courtesy of Netflix”From my understanding, ‘The 8 Show’ started getting developed before (‘Squid Game’). When ‘Squid Game’ became an explosive success, I wondered, ‘Should I not do this?'” the latest series’ director, Han Jae-rim, said during an interview with The Korea Times at a cafe in Jongno District, Seoul, Wednesday.”Our series is different from ‘Squid Game’ in terms of rules and conflicts. In ‘Squid Game,’ someone else has to die, so I can live and the protagonist feels satisfaction as others get eliminated. But in our work, no one should die, and everyone must survive together, which is the complete opposite.”

The eight-part black comedy series, which was released on May 17, follows eight contestants taken into a mysterious eight-story building to participate in a lucrative but dangerous show where they earn money as time passes. The series is based on the popular webtoon “Money Game” and its sequel “Pie Game” by Bae Jin-soo.The director, who also scripted the adaptation, aimed to innovate the traditional survival genre formula by adding a tweak.”In the survival genre works, the protagonist is usually a hero who overcomes crisis. However, in ‘The 8 Show,’ the ‘3rd Floor,’ the protagonist and narrator of the story is just like any of us in real life. He’s rather naive, and things keep going the other way than he expected. And I felt this incorporates elements of black 슬롯사이트 comedy. So I wanted to put a twist on the survival genre,” he said.


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