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Park Byung-ho’s 383 home runs Oh Jae-il’s 207 home runs Most trade record ever

Byeong-ho Park moved from KT to Samsung.
  • Park Byeong-ho (38), the third-highest home run hitter in professional baseball (383), moved from KT to Samsung through a trade on the 28th.

Choi Jeong (37, SSG, 471 items), who ranked first in this category, and ‘The Lion King’ Lee Seung-yeop (48, retired, 467 items) have never experienced a trade.

Therefore, Park Byung-ho set a new trade record for the most home runs hitter through this transfer.

The previous record holder was Kim Ki-tae (55).

Kim Ki-tae was traded from Samsung to SK (now SSG) on December 16, 2001, when he was recording 227 career home runs.

  • At the time of the trade, a total of 8 players from Samsung (6) and SK (2) changed uniforms.

Among the batters named on the trade list, Kim Dong-soo (56) had 151 home runs, Jeong Kyung-bae (50) had 58 home runs, and Brito (52, Dominican Republic) had 37 home runs. A total of 473 home runs were exchanged. Park Byung-ho’s trade also broke this record. Oh Jae-il (38), who was traded one-on-one with Park Byeong-ho, is a hitter with a total of 207 home runs. A total of 590 home runs were achieved through this trade. In terms of one-on-one trades, the record was 197 during the 2003 trade between Hyundai Park Jae-hong (51) and KIA Jeong Seong-hoon (44). At that time, Jaehong Park had hit a total of 176 home runs, and Jeong Seong-hoon had hit 21 home runs.

  • This is the second trade for both Byung-ho Park and Jae-il Oh.

Park Byung-ho, who graduated from Seongnam High School and made his professional debut at LG in 2005, was traded to Nexen (now Kiwoom) on the 2011 trade deadline (July 31).

As Park Byung-ho took over as Nexen’s regular first baseman immediately after his transfer, left-handed hitters of the same age lost their place.

That batter was Oh Jae-il.

On July 9 of the following year (2012), Nexen received Lee Seong-yeol (40) instead of sending Oh Jae-il to Doosan.

In a sense, Oh Jae-il was put on the trade list both times because of Park Byeong-ho.

Oh Jae-il was selected as the 2019 Korean Series Most Valuable Player (MVP), establishing himself as a built-in first baseman representing Doosan’s heyday.

Afterwards, he hit the free agent jackpot by signing a four-year contract with Samsung worth a total of 5 billion won.

  • Oh Jae-il has never played for KT, but he has used Suwon Stadium as his home.

Oh Jae-il made his first-team debut for Hyundai on May 15, 2005, against Samsung in a home game in Suwon.

Oh Jae-il entered his debut at-bat as a pinch hitter in the bottom of the 9th inning, trailing 5-13, and returned to the dugout after being struck out by Oh Seung-hwan (42).

Among the players with a record of playing in this game, only two remain active to date, Oh Jae-il and Oh Seung-hwan.

And among the batters who have a record of playing in first-team games for Hyundai, only two are still active as players: Oh Jae-il and Hwang Jae-gyun (37).

And with this trade, both players will play for KT. 섯다


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