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Lee Jeong-hoo, Suffering from ‘Mild Back Pain’

Lee Jeong-hoo, suffering from ‘mild back pain’, is expected to make his MLB exhibition debut on the 28th

On the 25th, when San Francisco played its first exhibition game of the year,

only batting practice was held.

Lee Jeong-hoo (25, San Francisco Giants) is expected to make his debut in an exhibition game in the American Professional Baseball Major League on the 28th (Korean time).

MLB.com said on the 25th, “Lee Jung-hoo missed the team’s opening game of the 2024 exhibition game due to back pain,” and added, “On this day, Lee Jung-hoo did batting training. 카지노

Lee Jung-hoo

He said, “He is expected to play in the game against the Seattle Mariners on the 28th.”

San Francisco coach Bob Melvin told local reporters, including APTN,

a broadcaster affiliated with the Associated Press, the day before,

“Lee Jung-hoo will miss the opening game of the exhibition game.

He said, “I felt mild pain in my back,” and said, “I will be able to play in a few days.”

San Francisco will play against the Texas Rangers on the 26th and the Los Angeles Angels on the 27th,

and against Seattle on the 28th at home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It appears that San Francisco chose the ‘home game’ as Lee Jung-hoo’s first game so that he could make his exhibition debut in a slightly more comfortable environment.

San Francisco

If the club determines that a little more rest is needed,

Lee Jeong-hoo’s exhibition debut may be delayed a little longer.

San Francisco played its first exhibition game of the year against the Chicago Cubs on the 25th.

Although Lee Jeong-hoo was missing from the starting lineup,

the club stated in the first spring camp game coverage material,

“Lee Jeong-hoo made headlines in the offseason.

The former KBO League star nicknamed ‘The Grandson of the Wind’ signed a 6-year,

110 million won contract with San Francisco.

“I signed a contract for $3 million,” he said.

Although he has not yet made his exhibition debut,

Lee Jeong-hoo is evaluated as a player representing San Francisco in 2024.

San Francisco lost 4-8 to the Cubs that day.

Luis Matos, who played center field instead of Lee Jeong-hoo, hit 1 hit in 2 at-bats.


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