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Weightlifter Lee Sang-yeon breaks Korean record in men’s 73kg dragonfly…

Lee Sang-yeon (29, Suwon City Hall) has set a new Korean record in the men’s 73-kilogram weightlifting category.

Lee lifted 197 kilograms in the third round of the men’s 73-kilogram general category at the National Weightlifting Championships held at the Seocheon Community Center in Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, on Wednesday.

It was a new Korean record, surpassing his previous best of 196 kilograms, which he set on March 14.

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) created a new weight class system and announced the new world record at the World Weightlifting Championships in November 2018.

The Korean Weightlifting Federation also created a Korean standardized record table and set the Korean men’s 73kg yongshang standard at 195kg.

In May, Lee surpassed the Korean standard, which hadn’t been reached by anyone in more than five years, and in June, he added another kilogram.

On the day, Lee lifted 151 kilograms in the snatch, 197 kilograms in the jumps, and 348 kilograms in the total to win the title over Jeong Jae-woong (Gwangju Metropolitan Government), who totaled 300 kilograms (132 kilograms in the snatch and 168 kilograms in the jumps).

In the women’s 59kg category, Han Ji-hye (20-Gyeongbuk Development Corporation) set a new Korean junior record in the yongshang.

Han lifted 115 kilograms in the third phase of the competition, surpassing the previous Korean junior record of 114 kilograms in the women’s 59-kilogram category by one kilogram.

Han finished with 88kg in the vault, 115kg in the beam, and 203kg in the total, two kilograms ahead of Han Jian (Daejeon Metropolitan Sports Association), who finished with 201kg (90kg in the vault and 111kg in the beam). 바카라사이트 순위


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