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22.2% shooting from the field… Crowd groans after every missed shot… King’s son, Brodie, struggles in first LAL game

Brown’s first game was a disappointment.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost 94-108 to the Sacramento Kings in the 2024 California Classic Summer League at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Sunday (July 7).

The Lakers selected Brownie James with the 55th overall pick in the 2024 draft. As the eldest son of LeBron “King” James, Brownie was the most highly sought-after player in the draft.

Later, LeBron re-signed with the Lakers in free agency, making it one of the greatest examples in history of a rich basketball player playing for the same team. From a business standpoint, the Lakers’ 파워볼실시간 selection of Brown appears to be a complete success.

The question now is how he will perform on the NBA stage. In college, he averaged 4.8 points and shot 36.6% from the field, which was disappointing for a player who was drafted into the NBA, and he also had a serious heart issue. With a superstar father and more attention than most of his peers, it’s no surprise that some people were skeptical of his selection.

That’s why there was a lot of excitement for the game, which was his first in a Lakers uniform. The crowd was also quite large for a Summer League game.

It didn’t start out well for Brown. He started the game and shot just 2-of-9 from the field (22.2%). He also missed both of his free throws and finished his Summer League debut with four points, two rebounds, two assists, and one steal.

He shot poorly from all areas of the floor. He missed all three of his three-point attempts and both of his free throws.

Playing under pressure is another challenge for Brooney. Much of the crowd in the stadium was focused on him, and every time he missed a shot, there was a collective gasp.

“Overall, I need to be more aggressive,” he said in the post-match interview, noting that the atmosphere was more intense than he expected. I have to believe in myself and realize that I can make plays for myself and my teammates.”

When asked about his son’s debut, father LeBron said, “It doesn’t matter if he does well or not in Summer League. I just want him to continue to grow through practice, film sessions, and personal training. You can’t take what you get in Summer League and carry it over to the season. The important thing is that he gets better and has a lot of days.”

After being swept by Sacramento in their first game, the Lakers will play their second game against Golden State on August 8th. How will Brown fare in the next game?


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