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‘Jang Ji-Hoon MVP’ Red Sharks beat Black Sharks by 2 points to win primary title

Red Sharks come from behind to win a close game.

The Red Sharks came from behind to win the Primary Division final of the KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2024 3rd Sejong Tournament against the Black Sharks 15-13 on Sunday at the 파워볼사이트 추천 Sejong Complex Community Center.

Unlike the secondary and high school divisions, which held their preliminary rounds on the first day of the tournament on June 6, the elementary division held both the preliminary rounds and finals on June 7. Nine teams were divided into three groups, with the top two teams in each group advancing to the quarterfinals. The final brackets were determined by lottery.

The Red Sharks, comprised of players from the Songcheon Elementary School basketball team, made it to the finals after qualifying in Group B, while the Black Sharks made it through Group D to win the title.

The final, which became a “family affair,” was intense. The Red Sharks struck first and the Black Sharks fought back. The game was decided in the final minutes. Jang Ji-hoon scored a breakaway goal to seal the game.

After the game, players from both teams were all smiles as they congratulated and encouraged each other. Jang Ji-hoon was named MVP. “It’s my first time winning MVP, so I’m very happy. I fought hard with my friends, and I’m proud to have won the championship.”

“I was nervous because it was my first time competing in a 3×3 tournament, but it was fun. “I was nervous because it was my first time, but it was fun. It was physically hard, but I found it fascinating,” he said. “The final was more fun with my teammates, and I’m glad we won. I want to do well in both 5-on-5 and 3-on-3 basketball in the future and continue to win championships.


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