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The harsh reality of ‘Son Heung-min’s best friend’

“Tottenham back, but no player registration!”

There’s no more room for the returning Sergio Reguilon. It’s time to say goodbye to Tottenham Hotspur.

“Sergio Leguillon will have to leave the club soon,” said Football London’s Tottenham specialist Alasdair Gold on Monday (November 11). That’s because Spurs don’t want him. According to Gold, Spurs won’t even register Leguillon, whose loan from Manchester United has ended.

“Reggilon’s return on Tuesday pushed the club over the 17 non-homegrown player limit,” Gold wrote. “From what we understand, Reggilon has no future at Spurs, and it’s unlikely that Spurs would register him even if he were with the club this season.”

The Homegrown rule requires teams to include at least eight players in their 25-man squad who have played for a club located in England and Wales for at least three years prior to turning 21. However, this rule only applies to players over the age of 21, and you are free to sign players who are not yet of age.

If you don’t have enough homegrown players, you can’t add as many players as you don’t have homegrown players, so you’ll either have a thinner roster than other teams, or you’ll have to consider calling up youth academy players with less game experience as a stopgap measure.

The Spurs currently have Oliver Skip, James Maddison, Ryan Sessegnon, Fraser Forster, Brennan Johnson, Ben Davies, Brandon Austin, and Alfie Whiteman who are over the age of 21 and fall under the homegrown rule. Since Leguillon is a non-homegrown player, he must be included in the remaining 17-man roster.

Currently, Tottenham have a vacancy on their roster due to the departure of non-homegrown player Hugo Llorente to LAFC in the American MLS, but that spot was recently filled by Timo Werner, who joined on loan from RB Leipzig in the German Bundesliga. Currently, another non-homegrown player, center back Eric Dier, is close to a move to Bayern Munich, leaving another spot open, but it’s unlikely to be for Leguillon.

Spurs also bring in new signing Radu Dragucin from Genoa in Italy.

According to Football London, “Dragucin is exempt from the homegrown rule because he was born in February 2002,” but the club will have to make room for him next season. This season, the Premier League limited the number of players exempt from the homegrown rule to those born on or after January 1, 2002, so Dragucin will be considered a non-homegrown player next season.

If Spurs don’t add another semi-professional player before the end of the winter transfer window, Reguilon could be on the Spurs roster, assuming Dier’s move goes through. However, it remains to be seen if Tottenham will make a move for Reguilon.

Leguillon’s status as a South Korean fan favorite, as he is known to be close to Son Heung-min, is also in question.



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