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Professional Volleyball Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Loses to Panasonic

Professional volleyball Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance loses to Panasonic… 2nd place in group advances to semifinals

Hyundai Capital defeated KEPCO and finished in 3rd place in the group

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance lost to Panasonic, an invited team from Japan,

after a full set match, and advanced to the semi-finals of the 2023 Gumi-Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament (hereinafter referred to as the cup competition) in second place in the group.

Set Score

The Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance lost to Panasonic by a set score of 2-3 (17-25, 19-25, 30-28, 25-23, 13-15)

in the 3rd round of the Men’s Group B preliminary round of the cup tournament held at the Park Chung-hee Gymnasium in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 11th.

As Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, who finished second in Group B with 2 wins and 1 loss in the group stage,

will play the semi-final against Korean Air, who ranked first in Group A at 1:30 pm on the 12th.

OK Financial Group

OK Financial Group, runner-up in Group A, clashes with Panasonic, runner-up in Group B,

over the final ticket at 4:00 pm on the same day.

Panasonic, a strong team that ranked third in the 2022-2023 Japanese V-League,

pushed Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance with a strong serve and iron wall defense at the beginning of the game. 온라인카지노

In the first set, Panasonic’s dazzling serve swayed the receive, resulting in a series of mistakes.

As Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which recorded 9 teams in the first set,

easily gave up the first set.

The second set was similar.

Samsung Fire

Its Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance launched a strong serve strategy to break down the opposing team’s solid defense, but it did not work.

Rather, in 12-14, 13-15, and 14-17, Kim Jun-woo, Shin Shin-ho, and Park Seong-jin served as subs, and the team atmosphere became heavy.

In the second set alone, Samsung Fire & Marine made 8 servings and gave it 19-25.

The third set followed a similar flow.

I was attracted to the opposing team’s strong serve and strong teamwork.

However, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance succeeded in making a deuce with Shin Shin-ho’s consecutive goals in 22-24.

The Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won the 3rd set after a total of 5 deuce matches.

Park Seong-jin calmly succeeded in attacking 28-28,

and ended the third set by directly blocking Takahiko Imamura’s attack.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance continued the atmosphere in the 4th set.

In 7-3, middle blocker Hong Min-ki injured his left knee while receiving, but he did not miss the flow.

In 23-22, Kim Jeong-ho succeeded in a back attack, and in 24-23, Kim Jun-woo put a quick attack into the opponent’s court.

Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance & Samsung Fire, which continued the game with a full set,

unfortunately knelt in the last 5 sets.

In 13-13, they gave up consecutive attacks and lost.

Marine Insurance & Samsung Fire requested a video review of Panasonic’s double contact in the process of conceding the final goal,

but the game ended as it was without overturning the decision.


Park Seong-jin scored 22 points and Shin Shin-ho scored 20 points.

In the previous game, Hyundai Capital defeated KEPCO

with a set score of 3-1 (25-20 18-25 25-22 25-22) and finished this tournament with 1 win, 2 losses and 3rd place in Group B.

KEPCO, who lost all three games, finished at the bottom of the group.


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