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Kirios Tennis Injury, Kwon Soon-woo 3rd on the Reserve List

Kirios withdraws from US Open tennis due to injury Kwon Soon-woo, 3rd on the reserve list

Nick Kirios

Nick Kirios (92nd, Australia), the “bad boy” of the tennis world, withdrew from the US Open,

the last major tennis tournament of the year, due to a wrist injury.

According to the United States Tennis Association (USTA) on the 13th,

Kirios and Jan Lennart Strupp (25th, Germany),

who were on the list for the singles finals, expressed their intention to withdraw.

Major Tournaments

As a result, Kirios will not participate in all four major tournaments this year.

Kirios, who reached the singles final of a major tournament for the first time at Wimbledon last year and advanced to the quarterfinals at the US Open, 토토사이트

his personal best, has not been able to use his strength this season due to frequent injuries.

He missed the Australian Open in January this year and underwent surgery on his left knee,

and before the French Open in May,

he injured his foot in the process of being robbed of a car by a gangster,

so he was unable to participate in the tournament as well.

Then, a wrist injury prevented him from participating in Wimbledon in July,

the aftermath continued to the US Open.

The men’s professional tennis (ATP) tour match Kirios played this year was only one match,

the first round of the Stuttgart Open in June.

Kyrios was defeated 0-2 by China’s Wu Yibing (91st) at the time.

Bad Boy in Tennis World

Kyrios, who is called ‘a bad boy on the court’ because he often protests to the referee during the game and often clashes with opponents and even spectators,

has adjusted the number of appearances in the tournament to maintain ‘mental health’.

But this year, my ‘body’, not my ‘spirit’, didn’t follow me, so I couldn’t even stand on the court.

As Kirios expressed regret on social media, saying, “It hurts my heart to not be able to participate in the US Open,” and “My wrist is not yet ready to overcome the competition.”

“But my protection ranking is 21st.

If I choose to come back, I’ll be right back where I want to be,” he said.

Facundo Dias Acosta (96th) and Diego Schwartzman (98th, Argentina),

who were on the preliminary list for the finals, took direct tickets to the finals side by side as Kirios and Stroop also withdrew.

Kwon Soon-woo

At the same time, Kwon Soon-woo (105th, Dangjin City Hall), a Korean tennis player,

also rose from 5th to 3rd on the preliminary list,

raising the possibility of going directly to the finals.

Its Kwon Soon-woo, who has been focusing on recovering from a shoulder injury in Korea,

aims to return to the court after six months since the Qatar Exxon Mobile Open in February.

And Kwon Soon-woo is currently training for the US Open in Florida, USA.

In this tournament, which is his fifth appearance,

Soon-woo Kwon will try to advance to the third round of singles for the first time.

Is Kwon Soon-woo’s best performance in singles at the US Open was to reach the second round in 2020 and last year.

Its Kwon Soon-woo’s best singles performance in major tournaments was up to the third round at the 2021 French Open.


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